Jewish Federation of Lehigh Valley Partners with Bond to Offer Bond Personal Security Service

Jewish Federation of Lehigh Valley has partnered with Bond, the world’s leading personal security company to provide you with access to Bond’s professional-grade, on-demand personal security and preventative monitoring services.

Advised and endorsed by former heads of the US Secret Service, FBI and leading metropolitan police departments, Bond is proven in over 50,000 cases. Bond’s services are provided to our community by the Jewish Federation of Lehigh Valley free of charge and the mobile app is very user-friendly.

To access your prepaid Bond Premium one-year subscription, first make sure that you’re reading this message on the mobile phone on which you want to install the Bond Personal Security App. Then, follow the simple instructions below to access Bond premium services.



  1. Click the sign up button and follow the link to the app store. 

  2. Download the app and follow the in-app instructions to register.

  3. You’re done!

  4. Please note: If you find yourself on the checkout screen, select the ‘Yearly’ option and enter the code JFLV2022 in the Plan Code box. This will apply your pre-paid subscription for one year. 

Bond in a nutshell: 

You get access to cutting-edge technologies with live 24/7 Personal Security Agents in Bond Command Centers who respond within seconds via the Bond app on your phone


1. Utilize Bond’s services in any situation in which you may feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

  • For instance, when walking alone at night, members may open the live video chat and have an agent available to monitor their whereabouts.
  • Going somewhere new or unfamiliar? Schedule a check-in for later and put your mind at ease with 'Security Check.' 
  • Taking a rideshare or meeting someone new? Use Ready An Agent to put a security agent on standby.

2. Bond Personal Security Agents monitor you well before a situation escalates into an emergency and can offer guidance, plus detect, prevent, and defuse threats.  Bond can also orchestrate third party services, transportation, and first responders.

Learn more about how Bond can help in everyday situations: Watch the Video

Questions? Contact Aaron Gorodzinsky, Director of Campaign and Security Planning, at 610-821-5500 or