We’ve Worked in Ukraine for Decades

For generations, Federations have and continue to be the foremost partners to Jews around the world.

Through the Jewish Agency for Israel, we bring Shlichim to Ukraine, run Sunday programs, bring Ukrainian youth to Israel for immersive programs, and support the aliyah of Jews.

Through our partners at the JDC, we support multiple Hesed centers across 1000 locations, supporting the most vulnerable people of Ukraine. We run JCCs and Jewish youth programs to help younger generations reimagine Jewish life where it once was all but decimated.

And through World ORT, we’ve played an important role in the renewal of Jewish life through Jewish day schools, vocational training, and more.

All of this work happens day in and day out because of you.


But we need you again, today. 

Emergencies happen without notice, which is why we’re very grateful for your support in times when it matters most. As fighting intensifies, millions of Ukrainians, including tens of thousands of Jews, are attempting to flee the country. Thanks to the incredible generosity of this community, money has been raised to provide humanitarian aid on the ground and help individuals and families escape to safety. As the fighting escalates, the needs in the region continue to grow. If you would like to make a gift in support of the emergency response efforts, please click here.

To date, Jewish Federations have raised over $27 million for Ukrainian relief efforts. These funds are enabling the heroic work of our partners on the ground, including The Jewish Agency for Israel, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, World ORT and others, to respond to emergency needs: 


  • Emergency Relief in Ukraine: Continued care to the homebound elderly, Holocaust survivors, and people with disabilities that are in no position to leave the country, as well as those who have been displaced by rocket fire and evacuation efforts.


  • Humanitarian Supplies: Medical and other basic supplies that are desperately needed in Ukraine.
  • Refugee Aid: JDC and other agencies on the ground are providing food, shelter, and psychological first aid to the exhausted and traumatized refugees pouring into Poland, Hungary, and Romania.
  • Facilitating Aliyah: Israel's Ministry of Immigrant Absorption estimates that up to 15,000 Ukrainian Jews are expected to make aliyah in the coming weeks. Within 72 hours of the crisis, there were 5,000 requests for aliyah to the Jewish Agency. The first three flights carrying a total of 300 olim arrived in Israel on March 6, including 100 orphans.

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Click here for the one-page overview of our $24.5M in dollars raised and allocated – and the impact that these funds have had so far.


Check out the impact of initial Jewish Federations’ collective allocations for Ukraine HERE

Our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are counting on us. Will you be there?


Here’s where the money will go.


Aliyah and community security

To protect those who leave or stay

Maintaining critical welfare services

For those we support day in and day out

Assisting internally displaced people in multiple locations

Aiding Jews in need in 1,000 locations across Ukraine

Stockpiling for goods

Across more than 1000 locations

Launching an Aliyah Helpline

For those who need expedited support

Securing temporary housing

For people in transit, escaping the conflict zones

Purchasing satellite phones

To maintain communications across the region

Securing five Jewish schools

And training staff to manage crisis needs