27 2020

2020 Remember, Reflect In Spirit & In Action: Commemorate with Pittsburgh 2

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

Tuesday will mark two years since the tragic Pittsburgh shooting. Our community is invited to the final event of the day related to the commemoration.


Communities around the world are invited to join the Pittsburgh community at a commemoration event hosted by the 1027healingpartnership.org. On this day of remembrance and reflection, we will have time to pay our respects to the lives that were taken on 10/27/18 and be with their families, the survivors, the three congregations who worshipped at the Tree of Life synagogue, and the first responders. The livestreamed event will include music sung and played by Elana Arian, words from the congregations and families, prayers by community leaders, and more.

The link to the event will be posted here when it is available - 1027healingpartnership.org/gathering

Sponsor: 1027healingpartnership.org