16 2020

8pm JCC Virtual Parent Panel

8:00PM - 9:30PM  

Jewish Community Center of the Lehigh Valley 702 North 22nd St.
Allentown, PA

Contact Ally Wiener

Join the JCC for a virtual Bi-weekly parenting panel on topics related to, but not limited to:
-Parenting through mindfulness
-How to advocate for your child
-Raising children during a pandemic
-Sensory processing- whats that?
-How to respond in the heat of the moment
-How to prepare your child for a new baby
-Homeschooling during a pandemic
-Raising Millenials
-How to stop the back-talk
-Why is my kid doing that?
-How to build your relationship with your kids
-Developmental millstones, am I missing something?
-Mental health check in
-How to create time for yourself when there's not enough time in the day
-Building your child's independence
-Helicopter parenting and its effects
-How to stay "social" while still distancing
-How your diet effects your brain
-How to instill a Jewish identity into my child growing up in a secular world
-How to tackle the terrible two's and temper tantrums
-Parent Pow Wow
-Bonding through games
-How to make Jewish rituals meaningful in a secular world
-The December Dilemma- how to navigate through the holiday season
-Raising children through a divorce
-How to navigate holidays and beliefs in an interfaith relationship
-My child wants to convert, how do I show support when I don’t necessarily agree?
-Jewish routines: how to bring Jewish culture into everyday life
-Where/who is God? How to navigate the age old question…
-Should I instill Jewish education during early childhood or later on? The long term effects it has on your child.
-Bar/Bat/Binai Mitzvah: Why it’s so important to highlight these milestones