4 2020

Israeli Street Food Beyond Falafel with Chef Vered Guttman

4:30PM - 5:30PM  

Join Moment Talk of the Table Contributor Chef Vered Guttman as she takes us on a food adventure through the streets of Israel. Learn to prepare these flavorful Israeli foods:

• Sabich – Iraqi style Shabbat breakfast in a pita (fried eggplant, egg, tahini, mango preserves and salads)
• Tunisian sandwich – canned or fresh tuna, preserved lemon, harissa, potato, egg
• Arayes – grilled pita stuffed with kebab or with vegan options (like spinach and cheese) and stuffing, served with tahini
• Malabi – Arabic panna cotta, topped with pistachio and sweet pomegranate syrup

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