7 2020

Livestream Event: David Broza - A Yearning Song

2:00PM - 5:00PM  

From Jerusalem to Sao Paolo, Paris to Sydney and NYC to Madrid – for 88 days of quarantine, my living room has become my stage.

I have been performing almost daily with communities around the world, making the best of the situation, but still yearning to connect with audiences and friends.

On June 7th, I will again let the muses unfurl, and hope you will welcome me into your living room (or wherever you may be), for a couple hours or more as I play my most popular songs as well as a few rare ones.

And I will take requests! Share your stories of quarantine and send me your song requests on my Facebook page. I will play as many as time allows.

We will join in song across the globe and embrace our love and lust for life. We'll set yearning aside while as we look forward to the day when we can all be together again.

Tickets are $8 each. Click here to register.