6 2020

Talking with Children about Death and Loss in the Age of Coronavirus

3:30PM - 4:30PM  

One of the many challenges facing families right now is the huge amount of loss. Some have lost loved ones. All of us have lost some of our sense of security, our beloved groups and activities, and the comfort of the day-to-day lifestyle that seemed so permanent. As overwhelming as this stress is for adults, its effect on our children can be even greater.

PJ Library invites you to join an online conversation with Rabbi Melanie Levav, director of PJ Library in New York, facilitated by Sarah Ruderman Wilensky, PJ Library director of organizational partnerships. Not only are they both PJ Library and PJ Our Way parents, but their other titles combine to include chaplain, social worker, educator, and child development specialist.

This webinar will offer parents a framework for addressing these difficult subjects and handling questions from kids of all ages. Please register and submit any questions or pressing concerns you’d like our experts to address. They will also take live questions during the webinar.

Sponsor: PJ Library