7 2020

The Future of College: A Jewish Townhall Series

7:30PM - 8:30PM  

Series 5 - Is Jewish Liberal Education Possible on Zoom?

Many young Jews still go to college for all the right reasons: to explore enduring questions, to study the great ideas and great figures that shape human history, to prepare themselves for the responsibilities of Jewish and American adulthood. What course of study best serves these purposes? Is the modern university achieving its deepest ends? And could the Covid-19 disruption open up the market for new models of Jewish liberal education—including the rise of “Zoom seminars” and the return of “apprenticeships” that prepare the rising generation for true leadership by emulating models of excellence in key fields? Dr. Harry Ballan, one of America’s leading attorneys and the former Dean of Touro Law School, explores the opportunities for educational renewal—for Jews and for America—in the face of the current crisis.

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Sponsor: The Tikvah Fund