11 2016

7:00 pm TBE Men's Club Poker Night

7:00PM - 10:00PM  

Contact Roy Benasaraf

Come and “Ante Up”, “Texas Hold-Em” Style ~ Come play cards with us, and bring your friends.  The Men’s Club is sponsoring an evening filled with laughter, refreshments, a big game on TV and a “Flush”, “Straight”, “4 of a Kind”, and “Full House” card playing skills!  Join us to “Bet”, “Call”, “Raise”, and “Fold”. Enjoy a relaxing evening to socialize and snack.

This event is open to the entire TBE community and beyond, so feel free to bring guests. 

Please RSVP “All-in” to Roy Benasaraf at royben@ptd.net or call 610-216-0190.