Carl Zebrowski


Carl is the editor of Hakol, the Federation’s monthly newspaper. 


As editor, he chooses the articles that help keep the community informed and prepares those articles (with help!) for publication on paper and on screen. In between the two tasks, often, is finding staffers or volunteers to do the writing. (If you’re a writer and would like to volunteer to write for us, please contact him.)


As you might guess from the photo, Carl brought a few years of experience with him to the Federation. The Penn State grad joined us after serving as the editor of America in WWII and managing editor of Civil War Times, both nationally circulated magazines where he wrote history pieces about business, politics, pop culture, music, and other topics. He also copy edits books and journals on humanities subjects for academic presses.


In his free time, he plays piano, mostly rock, but now some rudimentary jazz since the lockdown freed time for learning new skills. He’s also on the board of the Nazareth Center for the Arts and handles the email marketing.


You can contact Carl at 610-821-5500, ext. 326, or