A Peaceful View in a Country Under Attack

Iris Epstein reflects upon her arrival in Tel Aviv yesterday:

What a drastic difference from Yoav. Not only are we in an urban city, but since we are further North from Gaza, we don't hear the constant booms made by the Iron Dome interceptions of rockets fired from Gaza. It's so easy to forget that we are here on a solidarity mission in a country at war. But, the truth is, we are in a country being terrorized.

Just today alone, we had three sirens ring and were forced to take shelter. In one instance, we could hear the lifeguards yelling to people to swim ashore to take cover. In Tel Aviv, we are lucky. We have one and a half minutes to take cover. In areas south and closer to Gaza, they are not as lucky, they have 15 seconds. The southern parts of Yoav have 30 seconds.


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