Federations Allocate Additional $3.5 Million to Israel Emergency Needs

The Jewish Federations have allocated an additional $3.5 million to the Israel Emergency Campaign in support of critical services over and above the nearly $5 million authorized a week ago. This brings the total Federation emergency assistance to our partner agencies to defray the costs of intensified IMMEDIATE burdens on trauma, senior, special needs and other programs to $8.5 million. 

Immediate Relief from the Line of Fire for More than 45,000 Children

Federation dollars allocated in this emergency campaign already helped 20,000 children last week. But the needs persist and are growing every day.

For the price of dinner for two—$53—we can provide a critical day of relief for children living closest to the line of fire. A day away from the front lines—in summer camps, youth villages and enrichment classes—is more than a day in the country. It is a respite from the confines of the indoor playgrounds that, for more than 13 years, have become their “normal” play spaces.  

Other programs provide enrichment classes for teens and activity kits to distract children confined to shelters as sirens blare outside. 

Total Allocated, Second Round: $1,395,098   Total Allocation: $3,596,002

Additional Help for 20,000 of Israel’s Most Vulnerable Citizens

In normal times, Federation-supported senior centers provide thousands of seniors living in poverty—many of them Holocaust survivors—with food and comfort.  Today, it’s too dangerous for them to travel, and many are living within the walls of their apartment bunkers.

Our partners are deploying more caseworkers to bring food, medicine and comfort to the elderly—and other vulnerable groups like the disabled—in their homes. Crews are also installing equipment, like air conditioners, to make them more comfortable, and Internet connections to give them access to the outside world.  

Total Allocated, Second Round: $697,900   Total Allocation: $1,934,400

Expanded Trauma Support for 15,000 Israelis

When sirens blare, tens of thousands of Israelis take cover. But when the all-clear sounds, many continue to suffer from trauma that may not be as visible as a physical injury, but is just as real. Partner programs are providing psychological assistance to help 15,000 civilians and first responders weather the current storm.   

Program costs range from $1,200 to $3,600 a patient. But that just covers immediate support—counseling right now. Needs are likely to grow. 

In addition, demands on help hotlines are up dramatically. These funds also enable a significant expansion of those services.

Total Allocated, Second Round: $1,057,000   Total Allocation: $2,114,000

Flexible Assistance for 13 Communities Hit Hardest by the Conflict

Local municipalities are at the forefront of managing community services and responses to attacks. Targeted local assistance helps bridge the gap between government aid and needs, enhancing the resilience of individual communities. 

Total Allocated, Second Round: $350,000   Total Allocation: $850,000

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