Reflections From Israel

By Naomi Schachter
JWRP Participant

The beauty of Israel is that it’s really a microcosm of the world. There’s everything here! Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Neve Tzedek, the beach, art, dance, music, mountains, history and not to mention a diverse population. On my way back to the hotel, I spent my time speaking with the van driver in English, Hebrew and Arabic. The cab driver asked to look at pictures of my family while driving. 

I spent the day captivated by all of the speakers. Learning about Emunah, listening for G-d’s whisper and a gentle tap on the shoulder. I think I know what my “Lech Lecha” is, but I honor the journey that we are all on and will wait until the end of the trip to be open to the possibility of other whispers or taps.

Words translate into thoughts and beliefs and should be chosen carefully, wisely and with loving kindness.
I woke up in the middle of the night with a few additional thoughts. The pioneers of Israel were so incredibly brave. They risked their lives getting here and then they fought to make this land a Jewish state against insurmountable odds. I am truly humbled by them. I listened to the stories of Golda Meir and David Ben Gurion with tears in my eyes and a profound sense of pride in the Jewish people. Like our Allentown group, Israel is small, but mighty and poised for even better things to come. Thank you to all who came before and made this a possibility.


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