What's your Passover story?

We asked members of the Jewish community from around the Lehigh Valley about their favorite meaningful Passover traditions and memories. Here are some of their responses!

Aliette Abo:
One of my favorite Passover traditions is when everyone at the table signs their name and records the date on the inside cover of the Haggadah. Every year, everyone gets excited to see who had that Haggadah last. Every age signs their name. This tradition is a chronology of our family’s history.

Robby Wax:
Passover 2019: Laurie and I took a 6 a.m. flight from ABE to Atlanta so we could have seder with our older son, Ben, who was a freshman at Emory University, together with eight of his friends. We didn’t want him to spend his first Passover seder at college without us. We rented an apartment for the evening, and we travelled with an overweight suitcase filled with brisket, soup, Haggadahs and everything else needed for the seder.

Vicki Wax:
My favorite thing about Passover is being together with our multiple generations of family and friends. Retelling the Passover story in new ways, and, of course, the delicious food connects us to our previous generations as well.

Larry Zelson:
We still make a variation of my grandmother's recipe for charoset (with cooked dates and apples, although I think she used cooked prunes). By far the best I've ever had. It's how we convince 17 family members to cram into our kitchen every year and make it through the entire Haggadah.