City of Kyiv recognizes Jewish Federations for war relief

Jewish Federations of North America are honored and deeply moved that the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv has recognized our community’s role in supporting the Ukrainian people during the war.  

To recognize international support efforts during the war, the city of Kyiv built an "Avenue of International Aid'' in its Independence Square, planting seven sakura (Japanese cherry) trees to recognize each of seven countries that have significantly supported the Ukrainian people–the USA, Canada, Lithuania, Israel, Great Britain, Poland and Germany.  

The tree in the center honors Israel; its plaque carries the names and logos of the Jewish Federations of North American and of the Israel Trauma Coalition. A QR code to a brief explanation of Jewish Federations’ activities in Ukraine will be linked to the plaque.  

Since the outbreak of the war, Jewish Federations have raised a collective $90 million for Ukraine aid to support the work of their core partners, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, The Jewish Agency for Israel, and World ORT, as well as over 85 NGOs - including the Israel Trauma Coalition - providing humanitarian aid and relief to refugees in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Funding supports emergency operational costs, temporary housing and transportation costs, security, humanitarian support and trauma and medical relief, and immigration and absorption in Israel.  

Jewish Federations were uniquely positioned to respond immediately and effectively to the crisis due to their long presence in the region supporting their partners in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

We remain committed to supporting Ukraine’s people and ensuring that their communities have the backing they need in the face of relentless adversity.