Federation Footprint: Promoting Religious Pluralism in Israel

Last week Federation’s iRep initiative convened Israeli civil society organizations for a discussion on how best to promote diverse options for marriage in the run-up to November’s national elections. iRep partner and participant in that discussion, Hiddush, released an independent poll today showing a clear majority of voters of the current coalition parties in favor of instituting civil marriage in Israel: 94% of Labor voters, 95% of Meretz voters, 73% of Yesh Atid voters, 76% of Israel Beytenu voters and 71% of Blue and White and New Hope voters.


iRep's Pluralism Update published last week provides additional information on new developments concerning recognition of marriages conducted by remote connection (e.g. Zoom) in the US state of Utah. The new report also includes the latest news on the Kotel, LGBTQ rights in Israel, and more.