Federations applaud House passage of Israel aid, NSGP, TikTok bills

Jewish Federations of North America applaud the House for passing the National Security Supplemental, a collection of bills that confronts this perilous moment in our history head on and includes priorities for which Federations have been advocating for many months.


“At a difficult moment for the Jewish people, this package is a critical and significant step to protect our allies abroad and the Jewish community here at home,” said Julie Platt, Chair of Jewish Federations of North America. “The House has shown that the United States will not waver in our support of the Israeli people, who are facing unacceptable threats in a hostile region, and that it will not allow extremists to intimidate those seeking to worship freely here at home. We thank Congress for advancing these priorities and the strong Federation leadership that worked so hard to make it happen."


The bills included a $26.4 billion package offering critical support to Israel, an ally facing down threats on multiple fronts in defense of its civilians, who were brutally attacked by Hamas terrorists on October 7th, Hezbollah rockets in the long months since, and Iran itself just last weekend. The bill includes $4 billion in funding for essential defense systems like the Iron Dome, David’s Sling, and Arrow-3.


Crucially, it also icludes $400 million in emergency funding to the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP), a life-saving program that will continue helping houses of worship protect themselves during this period of heightened extremism, hatred, and violence.


In addition, the House approved a bill that would force the sale of TikTok, a platform that has proved to be a megaphone for antisemitism and misinformation.


Finally, the package also included a bill providing support to our democratic ally Ukraine in its fight against Vladamir Putin's Russia.


Jewish Federations urge the Senate to pass the bill expeditiously and the president to sign it into law.