Federations Surpass $800 Million Mark for Israel Relief

Jewish Federations of North America drive to provide emergency relief to Israel following Hamas's brutal October 7th attacks have surpassed the $800 million mark. Out of $806 million raised by Jewish Federations, $410 million has been allocated to the most pressing needs on the ground through nearly 300 partner organizations and NGOs.

Organizations that have received funding include core partners, the Jewish Agency for Israel, JDC, and World ORT, as well as many other partner organizations including: ReGrow, Project Horizon, Magen David Adom, Israel Trauma Coalition, and Brothers and Sisters for Israel.

Additionally, the Jewish Federations Israel Emergency Loan Fund is providing a lifeline to businesses across Israel severely impacted by the war and without access to traditional banking credit. Through its Investment Committee, the Loan Fund allocates funds to fully vetted loan platforms who each provide loans to small businesses in a particular set of markets and sectors, including agriculture.

Through the ReGrow program, Jewish Federations have pledged to support the farming communities of Western Negev through grants up to $12.5 million to urgently replace equipment destroyed and looted by Hamas terrorists, allowing them to resume farming in time for the spring planting season.

The allocations enable the loan platforms to provide lower interest loans and to cover default risks in order to leverage larger scale loans from banks. Through these loans, Jewish Federations are supporting the Israeli economy at a time of unprecedented need and sustaining businesses that employ tens of thousands of people.

Federations have also taken special care to fund populations who have particular or specialized needs during this emergency, including at-risk youth, the LGBQT+ Community, Young Children, Women, Bedouin Communities, and People with Disabilities.

Further, many Federations have partnerships with sister cities or regions in Israel. These partnerships encourage people-to-people connections and shared endeavors that have resulted in deep relationships, particularly post-10/7. Jewish Federations draw on the local expertise of the Israel-based Federation representatives and Jewish Agency Partnership staff to address the most pressing needs of the residents in affected regions through existing relationships with key NGO partners and local government decision makers.