Federations applaud White House interagency taskforce on antisemitism

Jewish Federations of North America applaud President Biden’s plan to establish an interagency taskforce to combat antisemitism and related forms of hate.


We have strongly advocated for a strategy to stamp out the virulent hate targeting Jewish people and poisoning our nation.


Jewish Federations Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Elana Broitman argued in favor establishing a focused antisemitism taskforce along with other steps at last week's White House roundtable discussion on antisemitism. Federations also worked in close partnership with bipartisan congressional champions who urged the creation of such a task force in a letter to President Biden.


This taskforce is especially critical at a time when antisemitic attacks are increasing at alarming rates and hate speech of all forms continues to infiltrate social media, schools, and the corporate sector.


Jewish Federations pledge to continue working with our partners in Congress and the White House to advance a whole-of-government approach to stamping out the world’s oldest form of hate, and to ensure the protection of every Jewish community in North America.