Federations Launch Letter Writing Campaign to Evan Gershkovich

This morning, Jewish Federations of North America launched a campaign inviting the public to submit a letter to detained Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich ahead of the Jewish New Year.  The hopes, prayers and wishes received will be fused together to create one collective letter that will be sent directly to Evan through his lawyers, so that he can hear from those who stand with him around the world this New Year. 

Additionally, Jewish Federations will deliver the letters to Evan’s family with the hopes of providing comfort for the New Year, and as something to look forward to giving to Evan upon his return. 

The 31-year-old from New Jersey was seized by Russian officials on March 29 and is wrongfully being held in the notorious Lefortovo Prison. 

“Throughout history, the pursuit of freedom has always played a central role in Jewish practice and prayer, exemplifying the value we hold dearly of sanctifying life and ensuring the well-being of those who are in danger,” said Jewish Federations of North America President & CEO Eric Fingerhut. “We are deeply concerned for Evan’s well-being. As Jews around the world will be gathering with loved ones during Rosh Hashana, one of the most important acts we can do as a collective community is to let him know that we are thinking of him and standing with him in solidarity.” 

Letters can be submitted until Friday, September 15, 2023 at 6 pm ET via an online form, by clicking here