Jewish Federations Applaud Sen. Schumer Push for Increased Funding of NSGP

Today, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recommended that Congress provide $1 billion in emergency funding for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP). This serves as a crucial supplemental fund for the program.   

Jewish Federations stand strongly behind Sen. Schumer’s plan, which will both infuse much-needed emergency funding for vulnerable houses of worship and nonprofits and substantially expand the government’s ability to disburse those funds quickly and efficiently. With antisemitism and anti-Israel acts soaring and increased concern over lone wolf terror attacks, our community must have additional resources to stay safe. 

The NSGP provides grants to nonprofits to help fund security measures such as inspection and screening systems, physical barriers, security professionals and development of emergency preparedness plans. Jewish Federations have been leading the effort to increase funding for the program as the country has seen increasing violence against houses of worship. Last year, the NSGP was able to fund fewer than half of all applicants. 

In addition, we request that Congress allocate $200 million in supplemental funding for the immediate needs of our communities. 

Jewish Federations were instrumental in advocating for the creation of the NSGP in 2004 and continue to prioritize communal security, most notably through our LiveSecure campaign to ensure that every Jewish community has access to security resources. The $130 million program is the largest philanthropic security campaign in the history of the North American Jewish community.