Two Years On: Jewish Federations' Continued Aid for Ukraine Crisis

As we approach the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Jewish Federations of North America reflect on the work of our system to ensure that Ukraine's most vulnerable Jews receive the help they need to survive.  
When Russia invaded on February 24, 2022, Jewish Federations were uniquely positioned to respond immediately and effectively to the crisis because of our long presence in the region supporting our partners in Ukraine and neighboring countries.   

To date, Jewish Federations have collectively raised and distributed $96.1 million for humanitarian aid and relief for Ukrainians, focused on emergency operational costs, temporary housing and transportation for evacuations, security, humanitarian support, trauma and medical relief, and immigration and absorption in Israel.

This vital aid has helped 507,000 Ukrainians who remained in their country, including internally displaced women and children who have been reluctant to leave behind their family members who were required to join the army. 

Our efforts include: 
  • Providing medical care to 130,000 people; 
  • Distributing 354 tons of clothing; 
  • Training 4,000 medical and mental healthcare professionals;  
  • Delivering 702,000 meals; 
  • Providing mental health services to 30,121 people;  
  • Helping 180,000 Ukrainians find refuge in the United States through our advocacy efforts; and  
  • Supporting 91,925 in making aliyah. 
In addition, Jewish Federations have completed nearly 200 Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking Jewish volunteer placements on the Ukraine border and in neighboring countries through our volunteer hub. The Federations system have also played a lead role in refugee resettlement efforts in North America, through advocacy and support to local service agencies that have welcomed displaced Ukrainians into their Jewish communities.   


"The Jewish communal infrastructure of support and rescue has been tested these past few years more seriously than any time since World War II. Our ability to maintain historic levels of response to multiple crises over a long period of time has proven the necessity and strength of the Jewish Federation system,” said Eric Fingerhut, President and CEO of Jewish Federations of North America. 

“Even while Israel's war with Hamas and recovery from the trauma of the October 7th massacre has been a central priority for Jewish Federations, the Jewish community in Ukraine still needs our support. 

“We are determined to continue providing what is needed alongside our core partners, the Jewish Agency, JDC, and World ORT, whether it's in the form of humanitarian aid, refugee relief and resettlement, supporting Aliya, or providing ongoing education and Jewish communal activities for children and families in the war zones.”  



Jewish Federations continue to provide critical support for the Ukrainian Jewish community within Ukraine as well as those who fled to other locales.   

For more information about the Jewish Federation's response to the situation in Ukraine: