BBYO is the world’s leading pluralistic Jewish youth movement for teens in grades 9 through 12. It is a youth-led, adult-advised group with chapters throughout the United States as well as Israel, Canada, Australia,England, Ireland, Bulgaria, France,Switzerland, South Africa and Thailand. A major goal of BBYO is to help teens strengthen and enhance their Jewish identity and leadership skills, to cultivate a positive self-image and to encourage friendships with other Jewish teens. With a commitment to Israel and service to community as its other goals, BBYO offers summer programs, leadership conferences, community service programs and trips to Israel and Europe.

AZA (Aleph Zadik Aleph)
Advisor: Brian Neff
AZA, the boys’ component of BBYO, was founded in 1924. The local chapter is Rabbi William Greenberg Allentown AZA #156.

BBG (B’nai B’rith Girls)
Advisor: Dana Cohen
BBG is the girls’ component of BBYO which began in 1927. The local chapter is Ner Tamid 1188 Allentown BBG.