Berman Center for Jewish Studies at Lehigh University

Lehigh University
9 W. Packer Ave., 322 Maginnes Hall
Bethlehem, PA 18015

P: 610 758-4869

The Berman Center for Jewish Studies administers and coordinates the Jewish Studies program at Lehigh University, offering the entire campus community the opportunity to learn about Jewish culture and religion through courses and educational programs.

The Center was created in 1984 and has faculty at both Lehigh University and Lafayette College, with academic chairs in the areas of Jewish studies, Jewish civilization, Holocaust studies and ethical values and a position in the Religion Studies Department at Lehigh and a professor of Jewish studies in the Religious Studies Department at Lafayette. In addition, Lehigh also employs a writer-in-residence who teaches innovative courses on Jewish literature and creative writing.

Lehigh’s Jewish studies minor offers more than 25 courses that explore the history, religion, literature and culture of the Jewish people. The classroom experience is enhanced by a series of lectures, films, seminars, exhibits and conferences sponsored by the Berman Center. The public is encouraged to attend all events.