Community Mikvah

The Lehigh Valley Community Mikvah, a division of the Hebrew Family League, has served our community since 1963. Its location on College Heights Boulevard in Allentown receives regular use by Jews of all denominations and affiliations. Jews from across the Lehigh Valley and beyond use the Mikvah for purposes as varied as conversion, taharat hamishpachah and celebration of momentous lifecycle events.

The Mikvah space combines a spa aesthetic with functionality and a rigorous halachic design. It has a conference room, separate immersion pools for men and women, two luxurious preparation rooms and showers and locker areas for men. There is also a separate Keilim Mikvah for immersing cookware and tableware.

Explanatory tours of the building for individuals or groups are available. Mikvah information is also available at

Daytime Mikvah appointments are scheduled through Devorah Halperin at

Evening appointments—for women only—are available by emailing

Anyone wanting to contact the Mikvah for appointments or general information about Mikvah use or about joining the Mikvah as a supporting member, contact Devorah Halperin at