4 2021

Moments in Jewish History: A 7-Part Series

7:00PM - 8:30PM  


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Join the Berman Center for Jewish Studies and the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley for a 7-part series on Moments in Jewish History. The series will be presented via Zoom and is $54 per household. Recordings of all sessions will also be available. Register here.

Monday, November 9 – "Between Babylon and Jerusalem: Israel and Mesopotamia in their Ancient Near Eastern World" with Dr. Dustin Nash, Muhlenberg College

Monday, November 23 – "Who Was a Jew: Jewish Diversity in the Second Temple Period" with Dr. Ben Wright, Lehigh University

Tuesday, December 8 – "Ages Upon Ages: Multiple Worlds and Historical Epochs in Medieval Kabbalah" with Dr. Hartley Lachter, Lehigh University

Tuesday, February 16 – "Thinking About God Through a Rabbinic Lens: Maimonides (12th C.) and Hasdai Crescas (14th C.) on Berakhot 33b" with Dr. Roslyn Weiss, Lehigh University

Wednesday, March 24 – "Between Genocide and Climate Change: Is There a Lesson to be Learned from the Holocaust?" with Dr. Nitzan Lebovic, Lehigh University

Wednesday, April 21 – Passover Seders and Jewish-Christian Relations in 20th Century America" with Dr. Jessica Cooperman, Muhlenberg College

Tuesday, May 4 – "The Unmelting Pot: Jewish American Diversity, 1970-2020" with Dr. Jodi Eichler-Levine, Lehigh University