8 2021

Stories of the Galilee

10:00AM - 11:00AM  

A virtual tour of the village of Peqiin, a Druze town

Virtually walk through the alleys of picturesque Peqiin and hear the stories that make Peqiin so unique in Israel’s tapestry.


Peqiin is both beautiful & intriguing:
Who was Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and why was he hiding in a cave?
How did a Dutch couple find itself living in a Druze village?
Who are the Druze and how are they integrated in Israel?
Why was the Picture of Peqiin on the 100 NIS bill?
Who is the Last Jew in Peqiin?
How did Jamilla Hir, a poor girl who could not even afford shoes, become the wealthiest Druze worldwide?

Michael Bauer of Bauer Trails, looks forward to bringing Peqiin to life with you.

This is a free event. Register at to get your Zoom link. Questions? Call the office at 610.435.9074.

Co-Sponsors: The Women of KI and Partnership2Gether