As summer rushes by, we look ahead to a hopeful new year

It’s hard to believe that the summer is flying by so quickly! We at the Jewish Federation are spending a good part of the summer planning our new program year, scheduling committee meetings, preparing for a new annual campaign, organizing the launch of new projects, and meeting with affinity group and event chairs. We are excited about the possibilities that our 2023-2024 year presents. Although it is sad to see the summer rush by, the anticipation of a new year brings with it the hopes and possibilities of wonderful things to come. The theme for our 2024 Campaign for Jewish Needs, chaired by Billy Markson and Vicki Wax, continues to be Here for Good, and we especially can’t wait to connect and engage with you to realize the greater potential that exists within our community.

Beginning with the launch of our Maimonides Society, chaired by Zach Goldsmith, and Women’s Philanthropy, chaired by Laurie Wax, we look forward to opening our 2024 campaign with our Lion of Judah and Pomegranate event and our Major Gifts Reception. Both our Maimonides Society and our Women’s Philanthropy will have a new look and feel in the coming year. In addition, we are excited to reignite our Young Leadership affinity group with a family picnic chaired by Rachel Levin, Aviva Marlin and Lyell Scherline. Stay tuned for more information about our summer events!

We are also excited to be moving forward in bringing a regional security advisor to the Lehigh Valley to work with our agencies and synagogues. This initiative is a partnership with the Jewish Federation of North America’s LiveSecure, Secure Community Network (SCN) and the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg. The program will provide training, assessments, tools and resources needed to protect those inside our agencies. Our goal is to ensure the safety, security and resiliency of our Jewish communities. Together, we will be working to foster a culture of empowerment, collaboration and vigilance, ensuring that our Jewish organizations operate safely and securely. This project is made possible by a generous, local matching grant, funds being raised in our community and matching funds from the national LiveSecure program of JFNA.

Your participation in and support of all of these initiatives is what brings our communal hopes and possibilities to fruition. Because of your support, we are Here for Good!

As summer winds down and Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year, approaches, we may also find ourselves in a time of prayer, self-reflection and repentance. This is an opportunity to review our actions during the past year and look for ways to improve ourselves, our community and our world in the year to come. Take a moment to reflect on goals and aspirations, hopes and possibilities — what can be when we work together.

Wishing you, your family and our community all the best for a relaxing summer with best wishes for all that the coming year has to offer!