More than 1,400 murdered, 4,800 injured, 224 held captive. More than 8,000 rockets launched and 500,000 Israelis displaced from their homes. The deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust and the worst terrorist attack in Israel’s history.
Young people at a music festival. Children hiding in their rooms. Parents and grandparents sitting at home on the Jewish Sabbath. People waiting for the bus. All executed by the hands of those that wish to see Israel and Jews wiped off the face of the earth forever.
For the past few weeks, we have watched with horror as the scenes in Israel unfold, experiencing a range of emotions. Like so many of you, I have been glued to the television with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes. It has been hard to focus on anything else after learning of the horrific attack on our beloved Israel. For me, most disturbing is the barbaric and torturous disregard for human life and humanity and the abduction of innocent civilians, including babies, young children and the elderly, dragged into Gaza. I know you are sad, angry, afraid and heartbroken as we continue to watch the devastating news reports that tell of the depravity of Hamas, the terrorist perpetrators. We must be vigilant in our demand to bring home all of the hostages. During these times, it is our strong sense of community that continues to be the light amid the darkness.
So many personal stories of assaults of innocent civilians. Together we pray for families torn apart. We pray for the young people at a music festival in the desert blindly attacked, their whole lives changing in a moment. As we come together to support the people of Israel, we extend our gratitude to the Israel Defense Forces for their efforts to protect Israeli citizens and restore security to the region. We stand in solidarity with the people of Israel and express our unwavering support for their right to defend themselves against these heinous attacks. We pray for the safety of all Israel. 
May the people of Israel find strength and comfort during this difficult time.
To those that carried out these cowardly acts and to their supporters: 
You will not win. 
We will not be scared into silence. 
We aren’t going anywhere. We are Here for Good.
The Jewish people will not be intimidated in the face of terror. We are here to reaffirm that the Jewish Federation and its partners will do all that they can to stand with Israel and help our brothers and sisters who have been affected by this latest war.
We are especially appreciative of our elected representatives and their strong support at this critical time. We have been in constant contact with our partners on the ground in Israel as well as with Jewish Federations of North America. And, we couldn’t mobilize without YOU, our dedicated volunteers and lay leaders. 
Golda Meir once said, “I never did anything alone. Whatever was accomplished in this country was accomplished collectively.”
That sense of the collective is more important now than ever before. Showing your support for the only Jewish state in the world should fill you with a sense of pride, not only in yourself, but in our community. The collective strength of the Israeli people, with the support of Jews around the world, means that Israel will not only survive this but thrive after. There will be dark days ahead, but we will get through this because we have no other choice. It is the strength of the Jewish people that our enemies have never understood and vastly underestimated.  
We know that the needs will be great, and we will be there for the people of Israel just as our Jewish Federation was there when we stood tall together in 1967 and 1973, and when we were resolute throughout both intifadas, suicide bombings, countless rocket attacks, stabbings and other acts of terrorism and violence. 
We were there then, and we will be there again and again and again and again. 
Our Jewish community will not give up our commitment to the people of Israel. 
We have opened an Israel Emergency Campaign, led by Israel and Valeska Zighelboim, and so far we have raised $450,000. Please help us reach our goal of $1,033,000 by donating now, so that our brothers and sisters in Israel know that we are there for them.
Operation Swords of Iron, the Israel Emergency Campaign, was launched immediately to provide critical dollars that are being deployed to help those hardest hit by this attack through our partners in Israel: the Jewish Agency for Israel, the JDC, the Israel Trauma Coalition, United Hatzalah, Yashar LaChayal and our Partnership2Gether community of Yoav, situated just beyond the Gaza envelope. If you are able to, I encourage you to make a donation using the QR code below or by calling the Jewish Federation at 610-821-5500.
We join with Jewish communities worldwide in calling for unity in the face of this crisis and hope that the international community will mobilize against terrorism and work toward a peaceful resolution in the region. We pray for the safe release of those being held in brutal captivity, a swift resolution to this crisis and a full restoration of security in the State of Israel.
With sincere appreciation for your kindness, your generosity and your strong support. 
Be strong, hold fast and let us strengthen one another.