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Overcoming My Fears

By Ben Feinberg

When given the opportunity to go to Israel prior, I told people I wasn’t interested. I would say I didn’t care or it wasn’t important, but the truth is I was anxious and scared. Growing up with anxiety and short gut syndrome, I was paralyzed by the thought of traveling…

This Time, Connecting with Israelis

By Jessica Kamber, Andrea Reich and Cori Rubel

This evening during our farewell dinner at Goshen in Tel Aviv, we enjoyed delicious food and conversation with Lapid Levy, assistant to Knesset member Nachman Shai. (If you’ve never tried their chocolate soufflé, you’re missing out!)


Building Relationships and Bringing Them Home

By Abby Feinberg

This is my third time in Israel and I was excited to come back to the fun, friendly and beautiful country I had missed. From my experience on Birthright, to my time studying at the Ulpan in Haifa, Israel has always felt to me like an open and carefree environment that …

A Day in the Desert

By Alan Raisman

After three days in Jerusalem, we set off on a full day in the desert. We started our day in Ein Gedi, with a hike in one of the most beautiful settings I’ve been to in Israel. We left to visit Masada and float in the Dead Sea. In the evening, we met with a Bedouin comm…

Behind the Scenes at Yad Vashem, Ambucycles and the Old City

By Howie and Rachel Levin

Today was the first full day of activities in Jerusalem after our day of rest on Shabbat. We started the morning at Yad Vashem with a lecture by the Holocaust scholar Rachel Korazin who shared different Jewish perspectives regarding who is the true hero of the Hol…