60 Day Challenge is a chance to re-engage and support Jewish community

The 60 Day Challenge is back and off to a great start! The two months of activities are aimed to re-engage, re-connect, and re-imagine with the Lehigh Valley Jewish community. Several events already took place in January, and more are slated for this month and next. Join us on Feb. 8 with the Women’s Philanthropy 10xChai’s Planting the Seeds of Connection program. Or cook up some fun with the Celebrity Chef series on Feb. 16, Feb. 23 and March 2. Lehigh Valley Native turned D.C. pundit Ari Mittleman will share his book “Paths of Righteousness: Stories of Heroism, Humanity and Hope” at an event on Feb. 24. All of this leads up to March 13 for the community’s Super FunDay, full of mitzvah opportunites, food and surprises in partnership with the Jewish Community Center Purim Carnival.

It’s been a tough two years, but now is the time to re-envision what we can achieve together. Why join us now?

Here are some reflections from leaders of the Lehigh Valley Jewish community about what it means to be involved with Federation and the Annual Campaign for Jewish Needs:

“It is a little strange to me when we refer to ‘the Federation’ as a thing, as a noun, rather than a verb. Our Federation is the permanent, organized pursuit - by a group of individual community members - of the common objective of ensuring a safe, rich and diverse Jewish living experience for Jews living here in the Lehigh Valley, living in Israel and living elsewhere. There is no element of being Jewish in the Lehigh Valley that our Federation organization doesn’t directly or indirectly support. How could I not contribute time and money to the extent of my capability?” – Gary Fromer, Federation President

“When times were the toughest at the beginning of the pandemic, and at every step along the way, Federation stood by the JCC's side to ensure we had the resources we needed to keep our programs operating. Being involved in Federation means engaging with the entire community and being part of the amazing fabric of Jewish life that we have in the Lehigh Valley.” – Eric Lightman, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Center of the Lehigh Valley

“Today JDS; tomorrow the world itself. Thanks to the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley's support the JDS will continue to prepare students for the exciting world they will inherit. Together we meet the ever-changing needs of the current times, as we partner to navigate a pandemic life. Through scholarship support, COVID relief, mentorship and guidance, the JDS thanks the Federation for helping our students, the next generation of leaders.” – Amy Golding, Jewish Day School of the Lehigh Valley Head of School

“The Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley provides JFS crucial financial support and a vital partnership that inspires our agency to help persons who are facing challenging life transitions and need our help.” – Debbie Zoller, Executive Director of Jewish Family Service of the Lehigh Valley