Being the Impact

Editor's Note: During the month of impact in November, the Federation asked donors what inspires them to make an impact and give to the Federation’s Annual Campaign. Here are some of their responses:
Chelsea Busch
I grew up in a family where philanthropy and donating money to Israel and overseas and Jewish causes was a very important value of ours. I also grew up traveling back and forth to Israel with my family and on organized trips and the culmination of my Israel experiences was the summer I lived in Israel where I met my husband Elliot who happened to be from the Lehigh Valley.  So now we’re living in the Lehigh Valley, we still have a strong connection to Israel and we’re sending our son to the Lehigh Valley Jewish Community Center so that he can start his education with strong Jewish values and a strong connection to Israel. And that’s my story that inspires me.
Eric Fels
My daughter came home one day and told us that she wanted to go to Jewish day school, this was in the 9th grade. And we said OK and we sent her. And the experience for her has been life-changing. She has embraced Jewish values, she has become more knowledgeable about the world, and for all the incredible growth and development she has experienced, the impact on our family has been immeasurable. We’ve all become more knowledgeable and my wife and I decided to make a trip to Israel as a result of my daughter getting excited for her own trip there. And I realized that I want these things to happen and it’s my responsibility to make them happen for both my family and for others as well and that’s why I choose to make an impact by supporting Federation’s annual campaign.
Jeanette Eichenwald
I am inspired to make an impact on the Jewish community both locally, nationally and globally. For me the inspiration comes out of being a part of community because by making one gift, I can make an impact on the lives of those people who live here in my own beloved Lehigh Valley, nationally and, for me, especially around the world and in Israel. Because Israel to me is not only the scene of centuries of Jewish life and thought, of achievement, of history, of majesty and magnificence, but there’s an Israel that lies in the heart and soul of every Jew. And by making a gift to the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley, I can be a part of a community in Israel, around the world and locally.
Roberta Kritzer
I’ve been living in Allentown for 43 years. Being a part of this community has been tremendously important and I think about what has inspired me the most or from the beginning and I remember a little tzedakah box in my grandmother’s kitchen from early on. We have made several missions to Israel and what always gets me are the children singing when you get off the plane. And the statement that solidified my confirmation and need to give more and to ask is the statement that said one Jew is asking a second Jew to help a third Jew. And that is truly what tzedakah and Federation is all about.
Michael Miller (with wife Linda Miller and daughter Amy Sams)
Linda, Amy and I have seen and heard firsthand what a significant impact Federation has made in our local Jewish community and overseas. Linda taught at the Jewish Day School for 18 years and was later on their board. She has seen many of her former students develop and make a difference with their lives. I have the privilege of being on the Federation board, Endowment Committee and Investment Committee. I have seen how the Federation distributions have been allocated to our local Jewish community and overseas organizations. Amy is proud to work for the JCC because of all the wonderful programs it provides for adults, families, children and the Lehigh Valley community. So, yes, our family sees how our contributions to Federation have made a significant Impact!
Valeska Zighelboim
I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, and I grew up surrounded by a very strong Jewish community and very strong Jewish values. What inspires me is that I saw what my family and all the people around me did for a community and that’s why do what I do in this community. I think it’s very important to give back, I think it’s very important to be involved, especially at this time where things are not exactly very pretty around the world. So I think that’s my main inspiration – my community, my family, my strong values that I got from home.
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