Community honors giving with “Legacy Shabbat”

To continue the celebration of a successful four years of LIFE & LEGACY, participating Lehigh Valley organizations are hosting “Legacy Shabbat” programs on Friday, Nov. 19, in local synagogues. In this first-time community-wide effort, each congregation will honor the volunteers and donors who gave legacy gifts through the Lehigh Valley Jewish Foundation with public acknowledgements of LIFE & LEGACY donors and volunteer teams and the importance of Jewish values ensuring our Jewish future.

LIFE & LEGACY, which is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, has the goal of generating legacy gifts in the Lehigh Valley Jewish community. As of June 30, 560 commitments with an estimated value of $10.4 million were made by over 300 donors across the Lehigh Valley. 

From now until December 31, the Harold Grinspoon Foundation is also offering a special challenge -- “Each One Reach One” encourages those donors who have already shared their intent to leave a legacy gift to discuss their experience with LIFE & LEGACY with a friend to encourage them to join in the process of “assuring Jewish tomorrows.”

“If each person spoke with one -- just one -- friend, think of how that could multiply our impact,” said Jeri Zimmerman, executive director of the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley.

For more information on a specific Legacy Shabbat, contact either one of the participating congregations or call Federation at 610-821-5500.

For more information on LIFE & LEGACY and Each One Reach One, contact Jeri Zimmerman at 610-821-5500 or