Easton synagogue merger official

By Susan Sosnow
Easton Jewish Community

B’nai Abraham Synagogue and Temple Covenant of Peace have officially reached an agreement to merge the two congregations in Easton. 

Meetings and discussions took place for over two years, and in February 2019, each congregation voted in favor of the merger by a clear majority. Now, the hard work has begun. 

The first necessary papers have been filed with the Office of the Attorney General in Harrisburg. Once approved, a memorandum of understanding will be reviewed by the same office. We anticipate this may take several months. 

We are very excited that the two congregations are merging. Everyone hopes that the newly formed congregation will continue to grow and be an integral part of the fabric of the greater Easton Jewish community. 

The two congregations are working together as one, and joint events and services are taking place. Board and committee members are also working together as one team. 

Congratulations to the joined congregations for the excellent work that has helped to achieve this goal. Special commendation to Rabbi Melody Davis and all the invaluable members who provided the much-needed depth and thoughtfulness that it takes to make a good idea into a realistic plan. 

Many thanks also to the Board of Directors from each congregation for working together to unify into a new entity.