Federation launches new security app

By Aaron Gorodzinsky
JFLV Director of Campaign & Security Planning

The Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley is sponsoring a new pilot program to provide an added layer of security for individuals in our community.

The Federation is partnering with Bond, a service that provides access to trained security agents and state of the art technologies 24/7, all available via its app.

Bond users will be able to utilize the app in any situation in which they may feel unsafe or unsure.

For instance, when walking alone at night, users may open the live video chat and have an agent available to monitor their whereabouts. 

If the situation escalates, they may use the “send me a car” option which allows the security agent to send a car (likely via Uber or Lyft) to transport users to a safe location.

Bond agents can easily connect with local authorities when needed.

With the Federation’s support, the service will be available to members of our community free of charge.

This new security program for individuals is being offered in addition to the work Federation is already doing with Jewish agencies and synagogues on security.

In the last year, under the leadership of Eric Fels, chair of the Security Committee of the Community Relations Council, Federation has offered security training to agency and synagogue staff and implemented a communication strategy that allows security personnel at each institution to be aware of anything that occurs in the community. 

The Federation has also worked with elected officials at the federal level to ensure our Jewish institutions obtained nonprofit security grants. At the same time, at the state level, Federation worked to secure a $5 million grant that will help make capital improvements at our institutions and agencies.

To sign up and try Bond, send an email to aaron@jflv.org and you will receive a link to download the app. You may also visit www.jewishlehighvalley.org to sign up.