Israel EMT saves lives racing to scenes on a Lehigh Valley ambucycle

Yonatan Aouat is a first responder who rides the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley’s new ambucycle No. 1283 for United Hatzalah in Israel. The Federation’s Maimonides Society healthcare professionals recently purchased the ambucycle for United Hatzalah emergency medical service in memory of the late Dr. Michael “Mickey” Ufberg (z”l) of Allentown, who died in June 2021.  

Aouat immigrated to Israel from France a few years ago, married with three children. He was ineligible for army service, but sought another way to serve the country. He decided to take an EMT course with United Hatzalah, which dispatches medical personnel to scenes to arrive before an ambulance can. Ambucycle No. 1283 enables Aouat to reach his destination within minutes of a call in the Netanya region.

On one recent occasion, Aouat was alerted to a nearby fire that started due to a faulty bicycle battery. The fire had spread over two floors, and firemen were battling to control it. One person was in serious condition. Paramedics sedated and respirated him before he was transferred to an ambulance.

Aouat focused his attention on a 4-year-old child who was having difficulty breathing due to smoke inhalation. He gave the boy oxygen and reassured him as they awaited evacuation to a hospital for further treatment.

On another recent occasion, a rider on an electric bike was flung to the ground when his vehicle collided with a car. Aouat arrived within
minutes on his ambucycle and found the rider with a head injury and broken arm. He bandaged his head, applied a stabilizing neck brace, and immobilized the arm, which had a compound fracture. He reassured the rider as they waited for an ambulance and then helped secure him to a backboard for transport.

Thanks to ambucycle No. 1283, Aouat is able to pull off lifesaving missions daily.