JDS Pairs Up with Yoav School to Make Haggadahs

By Julie Taffet
​Marketing Intern

Dana Kind, Duffy Batat, and Yifat Kolen from the Jewish Day School are working with 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students to make Haggadahs with students in Israel.

This program is part of a four-year curriculum with students in Yoav, the Lehigh Valley’s partner community.  Each student at JDS is paired with an Israeli student in Yoav. There is a portal where passages from the Haggadah are uploaded, and students work together to answer questions, analyze the text and interpret the meaning. The students meet via Skype to discuss the text.

“A lot of pen-pal programs with Israel have been established, but JDS is the first school to write a curriculum,” said Kind, one of the coordinators of the program.  “We want them to learn together, discuss together, think together. Things they would not be able to do through letters.”

The Haggadah will be published online just in time for Passover. There will be an online seder with a video conference where students and their families can read the Haggadah with students in Yoav.


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