JFS to Expand Volunteer Opportunities

Having just retired earlier than planned, Bobbie Rudolph was on the lookout for a meaningful way to spend her time. Then a letter arrived in the mail from Jewish Family Service about volunteering for The GO Program.

The position was flexible – she could drive who she wanted, when she wanted. She jumped at the chance and quickly began racking up the miles.

“It’s very satisfying and it’s fun and you meet different people from all walks of life,” Rudolph said.

Now JFS is hoping to give more community members the chance to make a meaningful impact with their time and skills.

Volunteers have always been an integral part of the service JFS provides. But by formalizing the program and enhancing opportunities, the agency will be able to pair the best volunteers with the best clients and projects, and in turn the volunteers will feel fully prepared for their assignments, said Beth Healy, volunteer coordinator for JFS.

“The purpose of the program is to be sure to have a list of volunteers available and already trained with the knowledge of our mission to serve our community so that we can be assured that everyone who we are serving is going to have all of the knowledge and the support that they need to do that job well,” Healy said.

In addition to driving, volunteer opportunities will include working in the food pantry, assisting with Jewish holiday programs in residential facilities, outreach to seniors living at home, special event support, office support and help with creative projects.

Job descriptions will be available for each opportunity and training sessions will take place regularly to bring new volunteers on board.

Additionally, JFS plans to offer its training program to local synagogues that need their own volunteers trained.

“That’s our vision is to really be the light for the community in providing whatever they need to get volunteers active,” Healy said. 

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at JFS and how to get trained, visit www.jfslv.org/volunteer.


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