Meet Omri Glikman, singer for Hatikva 6

Editor’s note: To get geared up for the Lehigh Valley Community Concert featuring Israeli band Hatikva 6 on Nov. 21 at ArtsQuest’s Musikfest Café (tickets available now) we interviewed singer Omri Glikman to get to know him and the band a little better.

Q: What was the idea behind the forming of Hatikva 6?

A: There wasn’t a real idea behind it. Just the pure love for music, especially reggae music, and the need to find a good name for the band to put on the poster, ha ha. It started as a hobby, little shows for our hometown friends, and grew beyond our plans and dreams.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from as a group?

A: Inspiration is everywhere and everything. Just need to be focused and capture the right ideas. Our lifestyle, routine, environment and, of course, our country is a huge part of what we write and sing about.

Q: What is the dynamic like between so many group members?

A: It’s a big family. We all spend lots of time together. On the road, in the studio, at rehearsals and on stages. We’ve been doing it for years, and we know each other very well.  We believe that the energy behind the scenes is being transferred to the crowds on stage. So good vibes only!

Q: How do you feel to be playing for the Diaspora in America?

A: We love it. The crowd is great. Always a high energy and a great welcoming. We are very excited!

Q: What's next for Hatikva 6?

A: New album is on the way. Number seven. Working hard at the studio and performing in between. Planning to enjoy what we do, create and connect.