Shalom from Your New Yoav Shlichim

Every summer, four teens from Yoav, the Lehigh Valley’s Partnership2Gether community in Israel, spend time here working at Camp JCC. They are accompanied by a young shlicha who also works at camp. We are excited to welcome this year’s group.

Rivka Elbert
Young Shlicha

I’m Rivka Elbert, 21 years old, from Ramat Gan, Israel. Ramat Gan is a small city next to Tel Aviv. Last year, I finished my army service as a search and rescue instructor and Training Development Division head. During my time in the army, I started to privately tutor children in different subjects and I do it now as well. I work with kids from the age of 5 – 17. My favorite thing in my job is seeing how a kid gains self-confidence and is able to do things he couldn’t before. This year, I also worked at the Jewish Agency. In my free time I love to read and do sports such as: running and hiking.

This summer will be my second summer as a shlicha. Last year I was an Israeli culture counselor in Camp Ramah New England.

I’m very excited to meet the campers and the community and teach them a lot of fun things about Israel as well as bringing the community closer to the Yoav teens.

I can’t wait to meet the campers and explore Israel with them!!

Ela Gilan

Hi! My name is Ela Gilan. I'm 16 years old and I have three siblings. My older sister’s name is Shani, and she serves in the army now. Four years ago, she went to this delegation, she told me about the amazing experience she had and since then, I wanted to go as well.

I have a twin sister named Dikla and she is my opposite, she goes to a boarding school of arts and science and she comes home every two weeks. And last but not least I have a younger brother named Raz. He is 9 years old and he looks like me, he loves to play chess and he enjoys watching TV shows about science. My mom's name is Irit, she works as a tomato breeder and she always brings a lot of yummy cherry tomatoes home. My dad's name is Ziv, he works as a device development engineer and he is our private chef.

I live in a moshav named Kfar Harif. I have two dogs that I love running with, one is a male named Sherman, and a female named Nala. I also have a cat named Milky. l love baking for my friends and family and dancing to "Just Dance," I love watching interesting YouTube videos, l'm a vegan, I enjoy hanging with my friends and going on hikes with my family. My majors in school are biology and art and l attend a special program of computational biology at the Weizmann Institute. I'm looking forward to meeting the community and to having the best summer I could ever wish for!

Shani Kalmanovich

My name is Shani Kalmanovich and I am 17 years old. I was born on Kibbutz Sde Yoav. My parents, Michael and Debora, met in the kibbutz. I have a twin sister, Michal. She and I love each other, although we do have some disagreements. We love to spend time together, shopping and watching movies. The last and the most important member of my family is my dog, Bambina. She is very lazy and her prefered activity is lying down all day long.

My favorite hobby is dancing and for seven years, I studied different kinds of dance like ballet and hip hop. Another hobby of mine is exercising, and I try to train at least three times a week. My favorite sports activities are jogging, swimming and cycling. My sports partner is my dad, who always motivates me to improve.

Last year, I started to guide some young kids in the youth movement “hashomer hazahir.” I enjoy it, even its challenges.

I heard about your community and I’m looking forward to the summer and meeting you all!

Ohad Katz

My name is Ohad Katz, and I was born on March 7, 2001, in Ashkelon. I am the eldest son and I have two brothers. Yoav is 14 years old and Aylon is 6 years old. I live in Kibbutz Sde Yoav, which is a 15-minute drive from the beach in Ashkelon, where I love to spend time with friends. I really like the peaceful life in my beautiful kibbutz.
I study at Tzafit High School in Kibbutz Kfar Menachem. I love sports and playing volleyball, football and basketball.

Idan Nahum

I am Idan Nahum, almost 16. I have a sister named Maayan, who is 13. My father’s name is Yossi and my mother’s name is Talia. I live in Moshav Verdon, which is located in the Yoav Regional Council. I study at Tsafit High School and my majors are social sciences and theater. I love writing, computers and theater. I guide a group in the Ihud Hahakali movement.


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