Shalom Lehigh Valley Debuts in Lehigh Valley Style

The brand new Shalom Lehigh Valley makes its debut as the August edition of Lehigh Valley Style magazine hits newsstands.

The 24-page supplement at the back of the magazine showcases all that the Lehigh Valley Jewish community has to offer. The magazine reaches 80,000 people and marks the first time the Jewish community has distributed this publication to such a wide audience.

“This partnership with Lehigh Valley Style is so exciting,” said Stephanie Smartschan, director of marketing of the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley, which produced the supplement. “It allows us to not only reach both Jews and non-Jews that we wouldn’t normally, but for the involved members of our community to really be proud of all that we do.”

All of the Lehigh Valley’s Jewish institutions had a role in the project, contributing to stories and supporting the publication through advertising. “In our day and age when so many less affiliated  Jews are looking for some way to connect with Judaism, we need to make as many entry points available to them as we can,” Rabbi David Wilensky of Congregation Sons of Israel said. “Shalom Lehigh Valley is doing just that.”

“We are so thankful for the community’s support of this endeavor,” Smartschan added. “It truly was a collective effort.”

In September, an enhanced, stand-alone version of Shalom Lehigh Valley will be released and be mailed to all HAKOL subscribers.

In total, nearly 200 people in the community joined in the process of bringing Shalom Lehigh Valley to fruition. From planners to writers, photographers to individuals who share their passion for Jewish Lehigh Valley through the stories they tell and the places they go, both publications showcase the community in beautiful ways.

“Shalom Lehigh Valley highlights so many aspects of Jewish communal life here,” said Jennifer Lader, Shalom Lehigh Valley editor. “Even those who are deeply involved will be amazed at the array. Style and Shalom Lehigh Valley readers are in for a treat.”

Look for Lehigh Valley Style’s August edition, hitting newsstands July 29. If you do not yet receive HAKOL  and would like to receive Shalom Lehigh Valley, join our mailing list. If you know someone new to town or looking to relocate, let us know and we’ll send them a free copy!



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