Women’s Philanthropy’s 365 Spring Event puts wellness ‘Within Your Reach’

By Amy Zylberman
Director of Community Development

COVID-19 required communities to get flexible over the last few years, but now, Women’s Philanthropy is encouraging flexibility with a yoga and wellness themed Spring Event. On Wednesday, May 11, at 6:30 pm, Within Your Reach will invite the community to come together to re-center, re-engage, and reconnect their bodies, spirits, and souls. 

The event is co-chaired by Aviva Marlin, Chelsea Karp, Debi Wiener, and Sara-Jane Bub. All serve on the Women’s Philanthropy Board, presided by Beth Kushnick.

The keynote speaker is Philadelphia-based yoga instructor Deborah Glassman, MD. In addition to being a practicing urologist at Jefferson Health, Deborah is also the owner of Shabbhakti Yoga, “where you can be a Jew on the mat.” Of her practice, she shares, “Shabbhakti is smartly taught, fun yoga in a community of like-hearted people. It is the ruach of shared identity and heart-processes.”

In addition to a session of chair-based yoga led by Deborah, the evening will feature a kosher menu of spa-themed food, salmon, soba noodles, salad, and more, with a hydration station of fruit and vegetable infused waters as well as white wine spritzers. The dinner is meant to nourish the body, the yoga, the spirit, and the activities and reconnecting, the soul. Attendees will get to make—and take—their own customizable salt scrubs, benefiting all the hands it takes to contribute to so much good in the community.

Event co-chair Chelsea Karp shared, “365 is one of my favorite events of the year. The chance to be together is more special this year, and I look forward to sharing the evening with the women of the Lehigh Valley.”

The Spring Event is open to donors who have pledged a minimum of $365, or one dollar a day, to the 2022 Annual Campaign for Jewish Needs. This is an incredibly meaningful gift that helps the Federation support beneficiaries locally and globally, in order to strengthen and sustain Jewish life. 

$50 couvert includes dinner, yoga, and activities. Kindly RSVP by Wednesday, April 27, call 610-821-5500 or write to amy@jflv.org.