Yoav Teen Delegation Prepares for Summer at Camp JCC

Editor’s Note: Each year, four teens from Yoav, the Lehigh Valley’s Partnership2Gether community in Israel, are selected to spend the summer working at Camp JCC in Center Valley. They bring their culture to the campers, particularly during “Israel Week.” Meet this year’s delegation:

Ofer Efraim

My name is Ofer Efraim and I’m really excited to go to Lehigh Valley! I was born in Gedera and moved to Kibbutz Gat when I was 6 years old. My mom wanted me to be raised in a kibbutz, so she sent me to a kindergarten in a kibbutz called Netzer - Sireni. So basically I've been in a kibbutz since I remember. My mother's name is Liat and my father's name is Arnon, I also have a cute brother called Omer. (I wish I had a pet but my parents don't really like this idea.) I’m guiding a bunch of little girls in "Hshomer Hzair" youth movement and I like each one of them. During a regular week, I sleep three nights a week in my room in my school's boarding school, it’s a big part of my life and I'm having so much fun in there. I like drawing, painting and art in general, so it's no wonder I chose art as my major, together with chemistry. I also play the flute and a bit of ukulele. I'm really looking forward to going to the Lehigh Valley. I think it's going to be an amazing experience and I'm proud to represent Israel abroad.

Tahel Shemer

My name is Tahel Shemer. I was born in Israel, and have always lived in the southern part of it, particularly in Kibbutz Negba. What I like the most is music, and it has always been a huge part of my life since I was very young. I play both the piano and the violin. Other interests of mine are reading suspense and mystery books, both in Hebrew and English, and playing volleyball for our school team. I am very excited to join the delegation to your beautiful and interesting country. I heard it is an enjoyable time, and I am sure I will make a lot of friends and unforgettable memories. It will be a magnificent experience.

Omer Najary

My name is Omer Najary, I was born in a kibbutz called Mefalsim and moved a lot since then, but in the last 8 years I've been living in a kibbutz called Beit Nir which is a great place with a lot of amazing people. I have two siblings, my sister's name is Yam and she's 14 and my brother's name is Roni and he's 8. My parents’ names are Yuval and Hadas. I also have a cat name Krembo and this is actually another story - I'm volunteering at a place called "Krembo Wings.” It’s a movement for kids with and without disabilities and I’m a counselor there. It's an amazing place for everyone and it creates a meaningful and safe place for a lot of kids. At the first activity of the year there was a tiny kitten outside the building and it was cold so the kitten tried to get in, but people were trying to kick her out. It was so cold and she was so tiny, so I took her home with me and named her Krembo. I love animals and whenever I see puppies or stray kittens on the street, I take them home and take care of them. I'm learning sign language at the moment, and I’m learning art and cooking too. I'm really excited to go on the delegation because I love guiding, meeting new people, and I know that this is going to be an amazing experience.

Yam Agami

My name is Yam Agami and I live in Vardon, a nice and quiet village in the Yoav Regional Council. I grew up around a lot of nature and animals with my parents and my two older sisters. I love going to school and learning theatre and biology, I play volleyball twice a week, photography is my passion! And of course, playing my ukulele is one of my favorite things to do. This is my second year working as a counselor of middle school students. I’m traveling with them around our beautiful country. I am part of the global Seeds of Peace organization, which includes seminars like Model United Nations and more. Last summer, I took part in the Israeli delegation of Seeds of Peace to Maine for one month with teenagers from around the world from conflict areas. I had the most incredible experience. I want to spread my love of Israel and increase my knowledge and have an amazing experience with you! I am thankful for this opportunity.


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