Lehigh Valley Jewish Clergy Group Offers You a Warm Welcome

By Rabbi Seth Phillips

Have you talked to a rabbi recently? Not since you were 13? Services aren’t your thing?

Rabbis and cantors here are so much more than service leaders. Why not join one of us for a cup of coffee and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. We’re here for the times you need to talk about Mom or when you wonder if the fancy house and car is all there is.

The Lehigh Valley Jewish clergy are your resource for the joy and the oy of modern life.

Whether you are interested in attending a service, learning more about Judaism or anything more, consider speaking to a member of our Lehigh Valley Jewish Clergy Group.

The clergy group is a cooperative group of colleagues working together. Across the community, you will find us educating children, caring for older adults and supporting everyone in between. Gone are the days of “my shul and the one I wouldn’t be caught dead in.”

Leadership of the group rotates. The group’s respectful tone allows members to work together on events and programs, said Cantor Ellen Sussman, the current convener.

All the flavors of Judaism are represented in the Valley and exuberantly celebrated. Searcher or skeptic, “FFB” or ba’al teshuva, committed or questioner, “JuBu” or interfaith spouse, whoever or however you are, there is a place in the Jewish community for you. In the words of Joan Rivers, “Can we talk?”


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