Dream of sending your child to Israel? 
Worried it will be too expensive?


Enroll in the VISIT Israel Savings Partnership!

A trip to Israel is not only a fun and exciting experience for your child; it is also a unique way to get him or her connected with our Jewish heritage.

Young people who have participated in an Israel experience regard their time in Israel as one of the most positive Jewish moments of their lives.


The Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley’s VISIT program is a saving partnership that helps diffuse the costs of your child’s trip to Israel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll in the VISIT Israel Savings Partnership?
As a contributor to the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley, you may enroll your children in the VISIT Israel Savings Partnership at any age. To qualify for a JFLV matching grant, the child must reside in the Lehigh Valley.

When is a student eligible for an approved Israel program?
VISIT participants may use their funds from the summer after 9th grade until they are 25 years old.

How does a family contribute to the Visit Israel Savings Partnership?
A family deposits a minimum of $300 per calendar year in the name of each child enrolled in the VISIT Israel Savings Partnership. Families are welcome to deposit unlimited funds. Family contributions may be made in any calendar year up to the year prior to the child’s trip to Israel.

How does the Federation contribute to the VISIT Israel Savings Partnership?
The Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley adds $200 per calendar year to the $300 family contribution, for a maximum of eight years. Accrued interest is also added into the funds available for each child's trip. 

Which Israel programs are approved for the VISIT Israel Savings Partnership?
The VISIT program is designed to fund Israel programs that emphasize Jewish learning or living experiences for a period of at least four weeks in Israel. There are over 75 that are recognized by national, local or regional Jewish organizations, such as Alexander Muss High School in Israel, USY, BBYO, NCSY, NIFTY etc. 

Can I still participate in a Birthright Israel trip if I have gone on a peer VISIT trip in high school? 
YES!  Visit www.birthrightisrael.org to learn more. 

Contact Abby Trachtman at 610-821-5500 or abbyt@jflv.org to learn more.