Yachad University
Fall 2023

Explore the history, tradition and philosophy of the Jewish people in an engaging and welcoming environment

Develop a broad familiarity with a wide range of Jewish topics:

Biblical & Rabbinic Literature   l  Philosophy   l   History  
Life Cycle   l   Prayer   l   Spirituality   l   Ethics

Yachad University is a Jewish education service provided to the community by the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley.


Yachad University

Fall 2023 Course Guide






9:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Thursdays, September 14 - November 16 


Hallelujah: The Life of David and the Psalms with Rabbi Seth Phillips

This course will focus on two books of the Jewish Bible: Psalms and Samuel.

Psalms was once the go-to text to consult in times of grief, gratitude, joy and challenge, while Samuel focuses on King David’s rise and fall. The study of David will provide insights into the limitations of power for Jewish kings.

Each class will be self-contained, discussing a psalm and an episode in David's life and will start with one of the 100 versions of the song “Hallelujah.” Students should bring a Tanach to class and a willingness to question the material.

This semester’s course is offered only in person.




If you need accommodations, contact turbochp@gmail.com