Shalom Lehigh Valley Magazine

Perfecting a Debated Jewish Recipe

By Sandi Teplitz

If there's one dish that Jewish people can't seem to agree upon, it's got to be noodle pudding. Should it be served for brunch? Stand alone at a luncheon? Pareve or dairy? Wide noodles or fine? Some folks even quibble about the Yiddish pronunciation kugel or kigel? So …

Jewish Artists Innovate in the Lehigh Valley

By Michelle Cohen

From painting to photography, jewelry-making to dance, Jewish artists in the Lehigh Valley are finding ways to put their unique stamp on traditional methods. Meet a few local artists below:

Svetlana Howells, a jeweler and tango instructor, has lived in the Lehigh Valley s…

Community and Why It Matters

Careers, schools and charitable organizations all thrive on community and relationships. Many experts agree that communities are actually necessary to every individual in order to live a fulfilling life.

That’s because being part of a community provides an individual with resources they w…

Manhattan, Oshkosh ... Allentown!

By Jodi Eichler-Levine

In March of 2015, a few weeks before Passover, I accepted a terrific new job as a professor at Lehigh University. Over spring break, my husband and I flew out to the Lehigh Valley to check out the area: schools, neighborhoods, restaurants and … grocery stores. I ste…

One Tree, Many Branches: Lehigh Valley Jewish Clergy

By Jennifer Lader

The tree with its many branches seems a fitting place for the Lehigh Valley Jewish Clergy Group to gather during one of its monthly meetings. “It’s like an embrace,” Rabbi Seth Phillips of Congregation Keneseth Israel said of the tree, but he could just as well have …