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Q&A: Federation president breaks down the complicated situation in Gaza

By Robert Wax
President of the Board of Directors
The brutal atrocities on October 7 awakened many to the depravity of Hamas, the ruthless terrorist organization controlling Gaza. Since then, I have had countless conversations about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with members of our …

Israel crisis proves Federations essential, expert tells major donors

By Carl Zebrowski
Five days after Hamas attacked Israel was both a terrible time and a perfect time for the top donors of the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley to come together for the Major Gifts Dinner to kick off the 2024 Campaign for Jewish Needs. 
“This was a s…

'We all know we're targeted,' author tells Lions and Poms

By Carl Zebrowski
It was a sobering coincidence that just two days before Hamas terrorists attacked civilians in Israel, author Liza Wiemer stood before the Lions and Pomegranates of the Jewish Federation at the Fischmann residence to talk about antisemitism and the potential co…

Student to Student: Preventing antisemitism from the start

By Aaron Gorodzinsky
Director of Campaign and Security Planning

What if we could prevent antisemitism before it even begins? That’s the goal of Student to Student, a program empowering high school students to share their experiences of Judaism with non-Jewish high school students.


Older Adult Task Force: How did it start? Where is it headed?

By Rabbi Allen Juda
Chair of the Older Adult Task Force

The New York Times printed the article “A Home for Aged Notes 100th Year” in its May 3, 1970, issue. “One hundred years ago this month,” the article stated, “with thanks to the many ‘benevolent and charitable ladies of Cong…