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Strangers in a strange land: A message from Robby and Laurie Wax

By Robby Wax
Jewish Federation Board
and Laurie Wax
Women’s Philanthropy President

During Passover, we are reminded that we were once strangers in a strange land. The seder meal instructs us to envision ourselves as slaves in the land of Egypt, and we recount the times our Jewis…

Together, we remember: Hear Eva Levitt's Holocaust story on Yom HaShoah

By Carl Zebrowski

Some stories need to be told over and over. You can only begin to get a glimpse of their depth and magnitude after multiple retellings. Think of Genesis and Exodus. Think of the Holocaust.

On May 5, Yom HaShoah (Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day), the Jewish com…

Community members come together to clean up antisemitic graffiti

By Carl Zebrowski

Tracey Billig has the kind of kids who go out in their neighborhood to pick up trash. They find and properly dispose of snack wrappers, plastic drink bottles, papers—the usual.

One day this winter, while making their cleanup rounds in Upper Macungie, they discove…

PJ Library offers fun and informative holiday resources for kids online

As Jews all over the world prepare to continue the 3,300-year tradition of commemorating their liberation from slavery in Egypt, PJ Library, one of the leading resources for Jewish families across North America, offers up dozens of ways to help celebrate, whether you need a refresher on a fe…

The Main Event! A night of storytelling and reflections with Joel Chasnoff

By Carl Zebrowski

Joel Chasnoff has written or cowritten four best-selling books. More than 1,500 audiences in 10 countries have gathered to hear his partly serious, partly light take on Israel and American Jewish life. Yet, as he likes to say, his mother still dreams he’ll go to l…